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@LIS2 (Alliance for the Information Society, second phase) is a European Commission Programme that aims to foster the development of a "sustainable, competitive, innovative and inclusive" information society as part of the efforts to reduce poverty, inequalities and social exclusion, in line with the Millennium Development Goals.

Building on the achievements of its predecessor, the Information Society  programme, @LIS, this second phase intend to continue promoting and at the same time improving and expanding the dialogue and applications in the information society in Latin America, to promote and support research intra-Latin American and Europe through the interconnection of research networks and communities in both regions, and support the harmonization of the telecommunications regulatory process, thus promoting innovation and competitiveness, reducing the digital division and integrating Latin America in the global information society.

With a budget of € 31.25 million (70.4% financed by the European Commission), @LIS2 involves all Latin American countries in all the activities contained in its program. The activities have been organized around three lines of action with an equal number of projects to be implemented between 2009 and 2012. Each one of the projects will contribute to reunite communities of stakeholders and users of the two regions and facilitate the integration of Latin American countries in the global information society.


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